About Us

​As a retired FMCSA Special Agent, I have over 29 years experience with working as a Safety Investigator, Federal Program Specialist and State Program Specialist in the Pennsylvania Division Office.

I have earned a BA and MA degrees.

I have experience testifying in Court cases, Hearings, Trials, Pleas, and Appeals in Local, County, State and Federal Courts.

I am a retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper.

​I an a licensed Private Investigator and have a valid CDL.

As a FMCSA special agent my duties included State Program Specialist overseeing Pennsylvania’s Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP).  Working with State, Local and Federal agencies. I assisted in truck and bus crash investigations, enforcement, FMCSA’s Crash Causation Study,  and HazMat inspections. As Pennsylvania's Federal Program Specialist, I was responsible for the FMCSA audit and enforcement programs in PA.

During my State & Federal careers, I designed several training courses concerning hours-of-service,  HazMat investigations, interviewing techniques, and advanced hours-of-service violation detection and enforcement. I designed and implemented  a training course for FMCSAs National Training Center (NTC), which included students from the motor carrier industry, Federal, State and Local Police agencies. This course encompassed, Automatic On-Board Recording Devices, Electronic On-Board Recorders, On-Board Computers, CMV engine data retrieval and interpretation, search warrants and procedures for engine/transmission/on-board computers, satellite/analog/digital communications for ECM and on-board computer data.

I investigated and reviewed over 3,200 commercial motor vehicle accidents throughout my PA State Police and FMCSA careers.

During my career with the FMCSA, I received numerous outstanding ratings and awards in recognition of the high quality of work, dedication and willingness to go beyond normal methods in getting the job done.

I am a highly respected investigator, instructor, Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety & HazMat consultant, and accident analysis specialist. For driver background investigations I am a Licensed and bonded Private Investigator.

I have the credentials and experience to help you get to where you want to go with your DOT and HazMat compliance and to increase  the safety culture of your trucking and/or bus company.

Dennis M. McGee
President of Dennis M. McGee and Associates, LLC

DOT Compliance • Accident Analysis • Licensed Private Investigator