Dennis M. McGee
President of Dennis M. McGee and Associates, LLC

About Us

​As a retired Special Agent of the FMCSA, I have over 29 years experience with working as a Safety Investigator, Federal Program Specialist and State Program Specialist in the Pennsylvania Division Office.

I have earned a BA and MA degrees.

I have experience testifying in court cases, having testified at Hearings, Trials, Pleas, and Appeals in Local, County, State and Federal Courts.

I am a retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper.

​I have a valid CDL and I am a licensed Private Investigator.

As a special agent for the FMCSA my duties included State Program Specialist, Pennsylvania’s Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP).  I have worked with State, Local and other Federal agencies assisting in truck and bus accident investigations, enforcement, FMCSA’s Crash Causation Study,  and HazMat inspections. As PA's Federal Program Specialist, I was responsible for Pennsylvania's FMCSA audit and enforcement programs.

During my State & Federal careers, I designed several training courses concerning HOS and HazMat investigations, interviewing techniques, and advanced HOS violation detection and enforcement. I designed and implemented  a training course for FMCSAs National Training Center (NTC), which included students from the motor carrier industry, Federal, State and Local Police agencies. This course encompassed, Automatic On-Board Recording Devices, Electronic On-Board Recorders, On-Board Computers, CMV engine data retrieval and interpretation, search warrants and procedures for engine/transmission/on-board computers, satellite/analog/digital communications for ECM and OBC data.

I investigated and reviewed over 3,200 commercial motor vehicle accidents throughout my PA State Police and FMCSA careers.

During my career with the FMCSA, I received numerous outstanding ratings and awards in recognition of the high quality of work, dedication and willingness to go beyond normal methods in getting the job done.

I am a highly respected investigator, instructor, Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety & HazMat consultant, and accident analysis specialist. I am a Licensed and bonded Private Investigator for your driver background investigations.

I have the credentials and experience to help you get to where you want to go with your DOT and HazMat compliance and safety of your trucking and/or bus company.

DOT Compliance • Accident Analysis • Licensed Private Investigator